• Flyover Country

    This is a profile about the Howlin’ Hounds/Diamond on 16th Street Coffee Shop that we’ve used for 3 major scenes in our upcoming Independent film, “Flyover Country.” If you haven’t tried their coffee yet, you owe it to yourself to drive downtown and quench your thirst for some home-made expresso, cappuccino, and more. The restoration of the historic building is beautiful, and Greg, the owner, is a great guy who will be happy to talk to you too. And, if you’re nice, Greg may even let you pet his dogs. We want to thank Greg for letting us film at his coffee shop – we couldn’t have made these scenes work without his help. For more information about our movie, “Flyover Country,” please visit our website at: www.flyovermovie.com and “like” us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/flyovercountry). Thanks!


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